The Benefits of Reporting on Contacts and Accounts

Bookings Export Report

Prospecting Lists

Use the Bookings Export report to create prospecting lists to source new leads! Did a guest hold a recurring event last year, such as a birthday or holiday party? Reach back out to see if they'd like to hold it with you again!

Big Spenders

With the Bookings Export report and a few quick steps in Excel, you can pull a report showing your highest spending contacts and accounts! This is a great way to prioritize outreach or offer deals to your loyal customers.

Export Contact and Account Information 

Need to upload contact information to your CRM, or just need a list of contact and account addresses for a direct mailer? Create a customized contact or account report for all of your needs!

Mass Export

From mailing lists to promotional needs, having an Excel file of all account and contact details may be super helpful for your team. Good news - you can export a complete list of all information directly from the Contacts or Accounts tab!

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