What is the Bookings By Status Report?

Need to compare your revenue pipeline, or want to view lost business revenue? The Bookings By Status Report puts a dollar amount on each status so you can compare your incoming and lost revenue.

  1. Click on the 'Reports' tab at the top of the page. 
  2. Click on the 'Bookings By Status' Report found in the middle of the page.
  3. The  'Bookings By' Reports will automatically 'Filter by' Event Date Last 12 Months with Status of Confirmed, Tentative, Prospect, Closed and None. Adjust each filter (Owners, Locations, Created Date, Event Date, Statuses) to generate a specific report.
  4. You can also update the graph to show a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly view!
  5. Select desired financial data by clicking on the 'Add up the ________ ' option in the upper left-hand corner of the report. 

     Note: Find out more about the  'Add up the ________ '  options below!
  6. Now you can choose how each column will be calculated - either by the Event Date or Create Date. 

    Example: If we select the Monthly view and then choose to 'Add up the Grand Total by the Event Date' - the columns in the chart below will show the sum of the Grand Total for all Events within each listed month. 
  7. With all your filters set, its time to export to Excel! Use the 'Download Report' button. 
  8.  Save this file to your desktop and email or print this out for your team as needed! 

  • Grand Total: Grand Total shows the financial total for all items in the Event Summary, inclusive of any fees, taxes, and gratuity.
  • Total Charges: This aggregates the financial total for each event based on their menus within the Event Summary.
  • Total Paid: This shows the amount of money received to date from your clients.
  • Amount Due: This shows the total amount of remaining money due from your clients.
  • Grand Total (Actual): This is the Grand Total your client actually paid for their event. This number is entered when you close out an event.
  • Total Charges (Actual): This number represents the final Total Charges for your client's event. This number is also entered when closing out an event.
  • Guest Count: This will display the guaranteed number unless you have not inputted a number in this field. If the guaranteed field is left blank, the report will pull the estimated guest count number instead.

Note : Detailed Reports will update every 24 hours at 7:00am EST. As a best practice, use the Report Builders for real time data! 

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