How Do I Update Gather Tracking?

Need to include Gather Tracking details on a Lead or Booking? Follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the Lead or Booking Details.
  2. Select Edit Lead or Edit Booking in the upper right-hand corner. 
  3. Scroll to the Tracking section, from here you can complete your desired Tracking fields:

    • Source: The source indicates how the guest reached out to you. 
    Note' Website' and 'Booking Network' will auto-populate as the Source if your guest fills out the Lead Form on your website or a Gather Booking Network partner site, respectively.
    • Campaign: The Campaign field is where you can freeform type the marketing initiative that you want to track. This is a freeform field.
    • Channel: The Channel provides you with more detail about how the Campaign reached the guest. 
    • Segment: The Segment field provides visibility into your current client base, denoting if events are Social or Corporate.
    • Event Type: The Event Type field allows you to track the types of events held at your venue. 
  4. Select Save, and now Tracking information will be included for the Lead or Booking. 
Note: If you Convert a Lead, any Tracking information will automatically pull into the new Booking. 

Video Tutorial:

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